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Living well is…

Living Well is... (Lac Léman)

Living well is no grand gesture. It is waking up. Trying to be reasonable and kind. It is making a phone call, a loaf of bread, a visit, a bowl of soup. It’s going easy on yourself so you can go easy on everyone else. It’s having faith because really we have no other option in this life. There is little we can control, and so we must let go and live with faith that somehow, come what may, we’ll make it.”

extrait d‘un billet de Local Milk, un très beau blog.

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5 Responses

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  1. Rosa says

    Très joli extrait. J’aime beaucoup ce blog.



  2. Florence Arnaud @ Makanaibio says

    Moi aussi Rosa, il vaut la peine d’être découvert.

  3. Sandra says

    Je connaissais ce blog et la phrase est parfaite.

  4. Anne-Liesse @ Bulle & Blog says

    C’est très beau ce qu’elle dit. Je découvre grâce à toi le blog Local Milk… and it looks like I’m going to have much catching up reading it !… Merci 😉

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