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“Every time we learn a new skill, regardless of how minor it is, it empowers us.”

according to Celia, from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial (un blog australien).

So true.

She goes on :

“That empowerment is double-sided – firstly, we gain knowledge which can often be used to the benefit of our family and friends. Perhaps more importantly though, with each addition to our skill set, we grow more confident in our ability to tackle the new and unknown.  The future is less daunting when we can look back on our past achievements.”

I agree. Don’t you ?

To read her whole post on Empowerment, please click on its title.

And don’t hesitate to read Celia’s other posts, they’re full of real life and energy, isn’t it exactly what we all need ?

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  1. Je viens d’aller voir le blog de Célia. Ses réflexions m’ont intéressée et j’en profite aussi pour perfectionner mon anglais. Merci pour cette découverte.

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